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Our dogs are OFA certified

Our breeding stock has been tested and are registered with OFA - no luxation of patellas. All our dogs will also be registered for heart and eyes by the end of 2012.

Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Caroline Desmarais and I am from Montreal, Quebec Canada. I hope you enjoy your visit on my website!

Throughout my childhood, our family always had loving pets that were a true part of our family. As a young adult, I had a wonderful boxer for 9 years and finally I had my first chihuahua in 2002. I fell in total love with the breed. In 2004 after a new direction in my life, I decided to breed and show chihuahuas as a hobby with a handful of breeding chihuahuas.

BCBG chihuahuas is determined to make the best quality of chihuahuas there is and that is what we think is by the result of sincere effort, a real strong breeding program of exceptionnal chihuahuas with the best lines of temperment and health.

Don't forget, great quality cannot only be luck!!!!

Have a nice visit!




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